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Welcome 2021 !! – Beginning of new Era

We are in 2021 now and hoping for the best. I wish you all happy new year and enjoy your day with full of joy , do not foregt 2020 and never forget what it taught us. Respect to elders and say thanks to God that we are safe with our family in this pandemic.

2020 is a year which has given unforgettable memories of life which will remain with us entire life. Working person always complain that they don’t have time but God gives time for everything. But same time daily workers and a weaker section of society faces many difficulties to live their lives. Best example is migrants walk towards home town even there was no conveyance available , they got to believe in themselves and reached their destination by their own feet. It was not in my imagination that people can walk 1500 Km for life in this high technology world.

Even after too much time availability I think most of the person could not utilise time in that way in which they want to do. Most of the times we think that if I would get time then I will do this or that. But if you analyse yourself also can you ask the same question to you ? Did you use that free time in proper way or manner ? Actually what happened , our thought process do not match with our action plan. I am also one of them but I am quite happy with myself that I got an opportunity to enjoy post marriage time and I did the same, that time helps me to get engage with in laws. But knowledge point of view or skill development process I did not use that quality time.

The problem is that we are happy in imagination but in reality we don’t want to do that practically. I think time is not our problem. Problem is our over thinking attitude. We should think less and do more.

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  1. Bhavesh kumar

    Thank for the amazing post otherwise who takes time to thank the passing year and take stock of what we did and what we missed.. Congratulations and thanks

  2. admin

    Thank for your valuable comment.

  3. Sumit

    I hope this year will get best opportunities everyone & congrats to you.
    HAPPY NEw YEaR 2021🙏.

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