Lessons to learn from our brave soldiers this Republic Day

Our armed forces are known for strong values like discipline, selflessness, and strategic planning. We can imbibe some of these to future-proof our lives, both financially and otherwise.

This Republic Day, as we pay homage to our armed forces for their selflessness and determination to protect our nation, let’s also take inspiration from them to lead a fulfilled, successful, and protected life.

Unforeseen eventualities are an integral part of a soldier’s life. With high levels of discipline and integrity, our armed forces are trained to strategize and thus incorporate the values of service to the nation before their own selves.

Economic security is essential for every family and the values imbibed by a soldier, in several ways, mirror the discipline needed for strategic financial planning.

This Republic Day, as we pay homage to our armed forces for their selflessness and determination to protect our nation, let’s also take inspiration from them to lead a fulfilled, successful, and protected life.

Here’s how.


Placing discipline high on the value chart is core to the life of a soldier. Our forces are known for their extreme levels of discipline and good manners. Being money-wise also requires a similar degree of focus and a single-minded resolve towards the end goal that one is trying to achieve.

Proper planning and strategy

Army men are known for their meticulous strategies and doing things at the right time. Planning in advance help prepare us well for a rainy day. Drafting out your finances wisely is similar, as one saves up for unforeseen circumstances by allocating funds in the right asset combinations to ensure that their financial assets reflect their risk appetite and provide for future needs such as retirement, children’s education, and the like.


Soldiers are the brave front of any nation. They protect us from intrusions, even if it comes at a risk to their own lives. They don’t shy away from uncomfortable situations and look for solutions even in the most difficult times. We must learn from their bravery and take life and what it has in store for us head on, albeit with contingency plans that have been conceived in advance.


The one quality that sets a soldier apart from a crowd is their determination to achieve their goals, regardless of hardships. Even in times of war, their spirit remains unshaken and they keep their focus on the end goal. How about following in their footsteps, especially in regard to financial planning? We must focus on our life goals and do what is needed to make them happen.


Soldiers are trained to be loyal to their battalions and stand by each other, even if it costs them their own life. This is a lot like how we stand for our loved ones and protect them from any kind of harm. Investing in a good term plan can help shield the future of our loved ones in the face of misfortune.


As a nation, we depend on the army in the face of any adversity, whether it is a security threat, a flood, or a famine. Our soldiers selflessly lend a helping hand. Sometimes, these situations may even be beyond their call of duty. We must emulate this quality in our daily lives and be available for our loved ones, whether they are near or far.

Respect towards all

The one thing that we don’t see in the armed forces is discrimination. Their camaraderie is not guided by religion, background, caste, or other factors. They stand united and respect everyone, whether it is a woman, a child, or a subordinate working in their team. If this feeling of mutual respect towards all can be replicated by a majority of us, the world would be a better place to live in.

The year that has gone by has made most of us value our lives and relationships more than ever before. We have realised the importance of planning for unforeseen situations. Let us take inspiration from our soldiers this January 26 and pledge to make some of these values a part of our lives.An integral part of this is proper financial planning, which can be made effective by getting a term plan. A life cover will help you mitigate the risk of financial insecurity in the event of an unforeseen event, such as loss of life.

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