Biggest, best? Records India has set

World’s largest basketball lesson

Kevin Durant and 3,459 kids across 5 cities

it’not the ball you’d expect so many indian childern to be carrying, but when the National Basketball Association (NBA)’s most valuable player is visiting, it’s got to go one-on-one. in 2017, NBA champion Kevin Durant conducted a record breaking basketball clinic. The Guinness record to beat was 627 prticipants,previously held by itzehoe,a twon in Germany.

In its inaugural year, the NBA Academy was going to make a splash, in an effort to grow the sport in india. At their new elite basketball training center in Delhi,they invited mail and femail all, 3,459 Kids joined in the largest basketball lesson ever,with 1,150 at the training session and the rest tuned in virtually while playing at multiple venues in bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and kolkata.

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